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Hi there, thanks for dropping by. My name is Ash Black. Like each of us, I am a complex and imperfect human being with many facets...

I'm a professional educator.  My students will tell you that I am very good at my job, that their experiences are transformative.

I'm a highly creative technologist with a long track record of making stuff happen for the first time, usually in a browser.

I am father, a researcher, and a writer. My current projects are a VR climate visualization system and an RPG Gaming venture being co-developed with my son. I'm also a musician with my own form of psychedelic rock, metal, and disco.

But most of all I'm a human soul - just like you - adrift in an increasingly senseless struggle that is a transition between worlds. We all feel it... the world really is on the line. We are out of time. Our fate comes down to THIS GENERATION and our purpose on Earth is to get it right. 

I believe salvation waits for us in unbridled imagination. I believe education is the key to unlocking innovation, and I believe that 21st century education demands a RADICAL REBOOT. If that's too strong for you, I understand... systems want to be slow to change. But if you're ready to forge reality and need technology leadership that can challenge youth to BRING CHANGE NOW, here's my CV and you know what to do.

Questions, Comments?

Thanks for having a look at my website. Feel free to connect via LinkedIn or Say Hello if you would like to discuss education, Metaverse work, or the nature of this incredible evolutionary opportunity we call NOW.

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