live jams and rehearsals yielding strong, listenable cuts  

Long of the Arctic

This is series of sessions based on an ambient, slow, spacious psychedelic piece first laid down in Winter of 2017.

It is a work about the awesome power of the Earth's quietiest and coldest realms and how sorry we'll be once we've lost them.


January 10 - Under the Ice [7:05]
Ash, Ian, Michael

December 6 - Beautiful Meltdown [9:00]
Ash, Ian, Michael

November 29 - Beckon the Thaw [3:18]
Ash, Michael

September 26 - Long of the Arctic [1:39]
Ash, Michael

April 25 - Long of the Arctic [18:00]
Ash, Michael

Fragment 1132

January 22, 2017

An ambient deep space guitar track for lovers of feedback & cannabis.

This is Spa Metal from the EP Dark Matter.

American Blood

November 17, 2017

Instrumental track based on a Hard Rock original I wrote during the 2004 election.

This version is a lot harder, more metal, and is being developed lyrically for the album The Progressive Resistance.

ashblack - guitars, drums

War By Other Means

January 25, 2018

This track is 100% improvised and brings into the mix several new hard hitting motifs.

Pretty much on fire with no let up.
January 25, 2018 - Thunderous Achord []


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