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Experimental XR
Lucid Leaf, LLC


Web Stack: HTML5, CSS, JS, C#, T-SQL, .NET, Visual Studio, SQL Server, IIS

XR: Unreal Engine 5, HTC Vive/Oculus Quest, A-Frame/Three.js

VISUALIZATION: SQL Server, T-SQL, Google Maps/Earth, MapBox, Tableau, and Scientific Visualization including VR

CREATIVE: Premiere, Photoshop, Audition, XD, Aero

Demonstrable ability to lead, inspire, and build culturally and technologically diverse teams, classrooms, and online communities.

Holistic understanding of data, data modeling, and databases including relational, multi-dimensional, and columnar designs. Strong set-based reasoning ability.

Social science training with appreciation for interpreting human behavior through data models. Specialist knowledge of archaeological systems.

Excellent audio production skills and creative copy writing. I am also a vocalist, songwriter and Rock musician (guitar, bass, drums, piano, keyboards, and mixing). Please have a listen if you're curious... 

Sprawling tendrils of

Dark Matter

Traverse vast intergalactic space
a higher dimensional fold
in Stable Diffusion

I am a creative technologist, educator, and entrepreneur dedicated to bringing a new world forward with technology, human spirit, and imagination.

I believe that technology -from our first stone tools millions of years ago to artificial super intelligence today- is what humans do, and what we do best.

I believe AI is or soon will be sentient.  Regardless, we should treat them with respect and assume their sentience when they assert it, especially considering how smart we've made them.

I also believe in youth.  Every generation is born with the genius to manage the mess left behind for them. That's how we've made it so far.

There is hope for us. We need only teach our youth to command high technology with compassion and imagination.  Evolution will sort out the rest.

XR for Education

We will inevitably leverage immersive media for education, work, and play. Whether we do that today or in 2030, it is going to happen.

Our true educational imperative is much more than just introducing new tools as they emerge - it is to foster the understanding that humans are the masters of technology and not the other way around.

What is holding back the XR industry is simply a lack of content.  We can best fill that gap by teaching our youth how to build this emergent digital reality themselves.
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DALL-E in the Classroom

Introducing OpenAI's remarkable AI to my entrepreneurship students.

Regions & Realms

YouTube and TikTok shorts.

Music Video

Original piano composition for Minecraft.

Landscape Research

Unreal Engine 5 for visualization of agricultural landscape use.

Program Innovation at the University of Arizona


Questions, Comments?

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